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rza – just blowin’ in the wind

por favor espere um momento...

“just blowin’ in the wind”
(with flatbush zombies)

[chorus: rza]
blow, blow, blow, blowin’ in the wind
i’m, i’m, i’m, just, just, blowin’ in the wind
wind, wind, i’m, i’m, just blowin’ in the wind
wind, blowin’ in, blowin’ in, blowin’ in the wind
wind, wind, wind

stronger then the locomotive, duffel bags of explosive
make a savage disappear, like it’s magic, hocus pocus
auto focus memory, like the canon 7d
sharing heaven with my brethren, laying up with seventy
persian virgins made for splurging, for deserving worthiest
swerving on the merging traffic, boy, i’m impervious
the flack attack cat, on crack-a-lack
and real steel, like hugh jackman, black man with two mac tens
and two b-tches who’s computer hacking, when they menstruate, great
they take it through the back end
you got your advance, but i doubt you got your back end
they thought i was out, but they brought me back in
i’m sick like colombiana, only d-ck, understands that
keep an incubated hammer, bammer blast, bark fast
faster than a camera, grenades and a canister
they fading these amateurs, hip hop, god body
superman stamina, you better come clean like jeru the damaja
who’s your hype man, is he also your manager?
when you get sprayed, does he get paid to bandage ya?
kid, i will vanish ya, you i know will challenge ya
the god will banish ya, to land far beyond our star spangled banner’s up
better get your manners up, you was just a fan of us
and you could never f-ck with the wu-tang clan and us

[zombie juice]
dead walk and leaving foes in coffins
no man alive can bare the sh-t that i walked in
a br-ss instrument, vibration from the iron fist
blood drip like rain, pouring amongst men
walk with god, swing the, sword of a marksmen
penetrate the seeds, exterminate and defeat
i’m obsolete and you pleed, fear the hate i bring
cremate like the steam of a cattle
inhale the breath of the devil, inevitable what we bring
the pleasure, and the pain, the measures in the game
infecting the world with methods, the chosen unrespected
the martyr, bomb the entire army of liars
settle down, took it down, bring it down, just a notch
my pride over standing, your soul i’m demanding
your heart filled with fear, i see it in your eyes
zombie gang, n-gg-, on the rise

[meechy darko]
darkness, darkness, all i see is darkness
blessed made of bronze, although i believe i am heartless
impenetrable, f-cking, unbreakable
leave you fake, the humble, overcoming, this is incapable
cuz pain, is what i cater to, in war, they are casualties
and i bring death to anyone from the free to the shackled feet
we rape and pillage, leave your town in ruins
i don’t understand your dance, hate on me is an illusion
and so is fear as well, my rainbow reach through different realms
and we feared in h-ll, feared in h-ll
blood from the foes, soak my tattered clothes
beneath my toes, lies the mountain piles of gold
who chose to go against the most, unstoppable foes
thinking you can stop the unstoppable, think you just froze
i’m the light, i’m the dark, i’m the right, i’m the wrong
man of bronze, meets the iron arm
premonition while i’m writing scriptures on the iron horse

[chorus 2x]

- letras de rza

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