ron pope – parts of you

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“parts of you”

this one here is for my old man
who taught me to be patient,
and want more than i have
so many lessons he has shown
in life you eat the chicken
and you throw away the bones

we’re more alike than he can see
though at times he broke my heart,
we’ve shared a lot of things
that help me feel much less alone
especially when i fall apart
i know i’m still
my father’s son
my father’s son

and i know that sometimes
i’m hard to love
and as i grow into a man
i’m sure that i am not enough
but even when i let you down
i hope that i can help you see
that parts of you are parts of me

do you remember singing songs?
on a car ride off to nowhere
it was just the three of us
you called us both your favorite son
and even after all these years
those days still live inside my heart
inside my heart


and i remember staring up at you
when i was nine years old
and you looked ten feet tall
and i was hoping maybe i’d grow up
to be the kind of man
that you’d be proud to know

i hope by now you understand
although i’m never perfect
i give everything i can
and as the light begins to fade
i’d like to tell you one more time
just how much you mean to me
you mean to me

(…that parts of you are the best parts of me)

- letras de ron pope

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