reinxeed – follow me

por favor espere um momento...

darkness surrounds us, you’ll open the gate to paradise
if you believe
leave all your fears behind and
follow me, if you believe that lightning never strikes
come join my world and all your dreams comes true

here fantasies become reality
come take my hand, my friend. join our glory
i’ll show you the way!

now, follow your heart only dreams can
take you so much far beyond the stars, see your powers
now you will show by using the force you still believe
the power inside you grows strong, so follow me
follow me

now let me tell you how to guide you
i’m your only hope, for that is not
the ending you’ve been looking for
the force is what gives you the power
created by all living things
i don’t find your lack of faith disturbing at all

you must choode your side “the darkness” or “the light”
i’ll take your hand hand my son, i am your father!
i’ll show you the way

“come join the dark side of the force
come join the dark side…of the force”

- letras de reinxeed

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