project 86 – all of me

por favor espere um momento...

“all of me”

been swallowing my debris
without a trace of dignity
i’m living a fallacy and
been holding tight to all i can’t keep
one memory
one memory
this time’s the last i’ll second guess
your legacy
your legacy
this time’s the last i will forget

so can’t you take
all of me
all of me
all of me?
once and for all
can’t you take me?

i recognize the causes
now i’m cutting all my losses
severing all the hindrance
shedding the viral skin of infection
you’d never believe the wolf i became (this time)
in moments of weakness and disarray (this time)
but now they can try to beat it out of me (this time)
i’m welcome to the challenge of emergency

out of the halls of ruin
the slow burn slow steady climb this time
’bout to reverse the movement
and i’m quite sure you know just where i’m heading

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