letras de poema arcanus – elixir

por favor espere um momento...

[lyrics: claudio carrasco / music: igor leiva]

drink of this potion brought from the night
dark human night, your scent deep inside
of a sea in which thoughts fly

forgotten p-ssions appear like stars in the night sky
undress your skin and soil it with guilt

…and soil it with guilt…

blessed by the moonlight
drink this blood from… the earth

ensure your destiny, write it with a fantasy
the pain has no limit, let it free like a bird… let it free

wounds with each movement, scrub the hand in a rose
a soul trapped in a maze, a moment for the fire

… a moment for the fire…


in the shadows
we became gods… of flesh
… with this blood from the earth…

drink of this blood from the earth

- letras de poema arcanus

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