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petula clark – you’re the one

por favor espere um momento...

“you’re the one”

every time we meet,
everything is sweet
oh, you’re so tender
i must surrender
my love is your love
now and forever

you’re the one that i long to kiss
baby, you’re the one that i really miss
you’re the one that i’m dreaming of
baby, you’re the one that i love

keep me in your heart
never let us part
ooh, never leave me
please don’t deceive me
i want you only
you must believe me


i adore you and no one before you
could make me feel this way
since i met you, i just can’t forget you
i love you more each day

whoa whoa, yeah yeah

there may be some tears
through the comin’ years
ooh, all the while
i know you’ll be smilin’
your love will guide me
through ev’ry mile

[repeat and fade out]

- letras de petula clark

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