¥vng lavi$h – chxxr$2u

por favor espere um momento...

(freestyle- ¥vng lavi$h)
thinking of a better picture
thinking of my b-tches
thinking about things that i needa do
thinking about my true religion shoes
pull up on you, i skrt off with 2s
i skrt off with 45, deuce deuce
i skrt off witchu, i tie it like noose
yo b-tch i let her loose
chxxrs club gang till the rest of me
chxxrs club gang till the death of me
i got the right recipe
got a buncha real n-ggas next to me
i gotta couple n-ggas that will die for me
couple n-ggas that will hide for me
gotta couple b-tches that supply for me
gotta couple b-tches running for me

i don’t care what you think
i know my sh-ts pink
i’m drinking on that lean
you don’t know what to think
people hate and they choosing
and i just say stay with me
cause i love you more than you love yourself
and thats your own enemy
and they gonna hate on us till we get rich
so we say chxxrs to the death
they talking all that bullsh-t
and i tell ’em save your breath
take a test, test question
told her why’re you resting
why you playing games, why you testing?
like baby girl, i make you breakfast
like d-mn, did you really do it to me
did you have to leave me
now i light up the doobie
take her back to the movies
take it back to the movies
had to talk to you the whole time
had to get that whole line
i was right there on the phone line
i was really with my n-ggas
and we really out here getting it
had to get this sh-t out the mud
momma kicked me out, sh-t was real-real tough
no one ever showed me lovin’
no one ever really-really showed me love
kept a couple real n-ggas by my side
cause you know thats how i’m gone’ die
for mine, ima die for mine
die for mine, ima die for mine
everybody hating, what the f-cks the point?
ima smoke his -ss like a joint
same n-ggas that you f-cked with yesterday
plottin on your -ss today
so i say, sipping that lean and that codeine
sipping that lean and its codeine x2
your bars are fake, they’re coating
these n-ggas they talk about protein
maxed out in the gym
pushin up weight till i win
talking that sh-t cause i sin
baby girl where were you when you left me
i was here all by myself
i never asked no one for nothing
no one ever needed my help
but i never cared, i never really cared
cause i’m all by myself
but my n-ggas sayin chxxrs
thats just why we’re here
we sip lean no beer
i can tell you why you’re here
cause you seen us we say chxxrs, we say chxxrs
now she f-cking with me because she love me
but i don’t care man i’m ugly
ima tough n-gga they can’t f-ck with me
f-ck what you say cause i’m choosin
f-ck what you say cause they losing
f-ck what you say cause i don’t play around
smoking that weed and i’m smoking a pound

- letras de ¥vng lavih

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