outline in color – the good in me

por favor espere um momento...

i am the enemy
it’s time to finish what we have started
you can’t escape
you can’t escape

it’s raining bricks all over this gl-ss metropolis,
and i’ll watch it all come crashing down
and pretend that it won’t make a sound.
i could’ve saved them all, but i’d rather watch every tower fall.
is something wrong with my state of mind?
why don’t i wanna’ stop what’s happening before my eyes?

it’s all or nothing
i can’t remember when we stood for something
something real

are we so fragile that we hide behind the walls built in our minds?
i think it might be time to tear them down and let this monster out…

stop, stop right there
it’s only desperation
you’ll cave
stand down, your betrayal is the only truth

we all know the good in me is fading,
but whatever is left is begging you to believe that i’m everything that you want,
but i’m not the one you need.

- letras de outline in color

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