letras de oscar oghenekaro – memories back then part 2

por favor espere um momento...

yeah salute to all of em virgins
cuz oscarmeman is a virgin
but tonight am ready to go out there & dis-virgin another
i quit to be a lover man
call me soldier man
rudeboy oscarmeman
em just kidding
wanna share some of my memories with ya”all
i don”t know if you ready for this
hey c diamond (am ready, so ready)
lets go (lets go yeah)

thinking about it
dropping some memories
i wish i could go back & make perfect some of the words
still spinning in my head
i felt different ways about it
time for me to re-write it
i wish i could forget em
i bet i woudn”t regret them
keeps spinning in my head

rap 1
talking about my first love
she wasn”t even my first crush
at first it was called l-st
you d-mn right, i hated her
but right now am wanting her
she got an excellent smile &
i watch her like zee cinema
but she keeps calling me joseph the dreamer
her beauty is d-mn crazy
her voice so amazing
so sharp, i call her female weezy
with her intelligent, she flows quincy
omote ju urhobo, take it easy
cuz i want you to be my baby
she sings like beyonce & am in this rap game like jay z
she said i got a short temper
i claim that i love her but i always hurt her
she said that am stalking her & i gave her miss bugging
i remember shawty
with her dimple, she”s so simple
but i won”t say her name cuz she”s mad at me
but i love her

repeat chorus

rap 2
let me talk about my lilttle experience in delsu
it was just few months before i turn 15
i was running a program called pd
it was on sunday morning
after first service,me & my bro
decided to go to the photo studio to get one or two shots
but as we were in waiting
then this pretty lil miss with pretty smile just walked in
it was so strange how she came
she fingered kiss me
she showed me all the sign but i could still resit her
but my bro was just too selfish
he invited her to our home
but i left em both for like 2 hours
i came back, she was still there
the story was really funny
cuz she said she loves me
she started kissing me
we were down on the bed
but i still can”t believe that”s how i lost my first kiss to a stranger

repeat chorus
rap 3
in my church that was three years ago
i knew this pretty lilttle missy
she was so cool
she always smile at me
when she says hi
in choir pratice
she always love to write the songs for me
she”s the best singer in our team
but just last year, we exchanged numbers
but after that, i couldn”t understand what went wrong
she started dissing me, without a good reason
i tried to get her attention
but she keeps avoiding me
i couldn”t attempt to understand the females mind
so i told my sist what went down
this is how she feels
maybe she likes you & she hate that she do
or maybe she hates you because you didn”t make a move
or maybe she think you like her, i was like hey
how dare you gonna say something like that
she said no problem
you can ask her ?

i hate to admit it but this sh-t still bothers me
but she better say something
before i scream f-ck you b-tch
cuz she was suppose to be here &
f-cking record this
but screw you b-tch
i don”t give a f-ck
if we settle this
i hate

yeah ,yeah
thinking about it
sometimes dreaming about it
ha ha, whats on my mind man
you wanna some man
f-ck this sh-t
i hate it

- letras de oscar oghenekaro

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