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one chance – look at her

por favor espere um momento...

(feat. fabo)

one chance what’s happenin’
what’s happenin’
us us us us us us
what’s happenin’
(oh) look at her
(oh) look at her
(oh oh) what’s happenin’ look at her
(oh oh) look at her (oh oh) look at her (oh oh oh) what’s happenin’
look at her

[verse 1:]
shawty come here give me them goodies
got my peripherals on and girl i see u looking
the way u make it roll den u stop wit it
drop it down and den u make them fingers pop wit it
baby do ya thing get you shine on
just like that chandelier that’s hanging on my collar bone
something bout the way u bend yo knees and rock ya hips (oooh)
getta bite ‘n on ya bottom lip (oooh)

get low and bring it back up (girl u doing that dance)
slow down i’m tryna catch up (but cha movin’ too fast)
last call u know i’m thinking (shawty do u got plans)
let me show u how i’m living (cause i’m sitting on land)

(look at her)
the way she dance’n man she dead wrong (look at her)
she know she s-xy with her heels on (look at her)
she look like halle mixed with nia long (look at her)
look at her (look at her)
look at her (look at her)
i’m bout to see if i can take her home (look at her)
and get her humming on my microphone (look at her)
petron already got her gone (look at her)
look at her (look at her)
look at her (look at her)

[verse 2:]
on the floor i gotcha open it”s the last song
antic-p-tin’ baby i can”t wait to get hands on
i wanna see u on yo toes gon’ lock with it (ooh)
u like that clock on the wall just tick tock wit it (oooh)
girl do ya dance and ima watch you do it
gone and work it wit no hands ain’t nothing 2 it (what’s happenin’)
something’ bout the way u juke it
when u steal the scene ima sit back and relax and just watch
‘cha shoulder lean

[bridge x1]
[hook x1]

[fabo rap:]
(what’s happenin’)
see i roll with her never seen them moves
python 36 snake wit it she cool fabo he’ll dance like a fool
miss pacman knocked me outta my shoes her body
went sideways den stopped break that chick back drop
look at her dance she’ll roll and pop take me to the candy
shop bubblegum make me smile new york girls really like
my style la girls she blond n wild texas girls she tipping partner
she a georgia girl look at her go real ghetto wit a hollywood
glow looking for a camera matrix drop slow lean wit it, rock ohh

what’s happenin’ [x3]

- letras de one chance

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