ohalexx – go away

por favor espere um momento...

[intro: razorback & alexx]
yeah, yeah, it’s ya boy razorback
back again, 3 2 1

[verse 1: razorback]
your mom has big g-y
heck off go away
she just ruined my day
she ate all the hay
she won’t leave until the next day
i can fly a plane every day
three cars into sp-ce
your mom has big g-y
three cars into sp-ce
heck off go away, yeah

[verse 2: alexx]
i found 2 dollars at the park
i saw a dog it goes bark
you main roadhog
lucio is a frog
he jumps off a log
you eat cheerios at night
you can’t ride a bike
fly a kite at night
your channel has three strikes
peter pan has magic in his hand
you’re dumb like pacisdan, yeah
go away, go away, go away (yeah)

- letras de ohalexx

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