letras de ntrovurt – awol

por favor espere um momento...

i’m seeing more of the same thing
fake f~ckas chasing fake fame
it’s a shame can’t appreciate
all these f~ckas wanna relay
can’t stop ain’t no leeway
nonstop on a weak day
suck a c~ck for some screenplay
bodies drop on my worst day

coming back with a vengeance
penny pinchers want attention
could’ve solved all the tension
pull out weapons like i’m ten ten
all that cap
f~ckas talk to me
all i here is cap
out of place, you can get knock back
they like “f~ck is that?”
i can’t stand the sight, leave your body tagged

lung drag
i’m still sad
smokin’ dope
wherе’s the rope? i won’t last
take ya sh~t not coming back
f~ckas scarеd when i show face
better at my pace
better give me sp~ce
better give me praise
i don’t wanna talk, only need the pay
leave you with the chalk
screaming mayday
not your heyday
f~ck what they say, i’m the worst thing
let your body hang
when you see the gang, better run n~gga like its slavery

leave you in the dirt
ain’t the first time
try to test me you’ll get hurt
mama callin’ for a herse
worst curse
gotta k!ll me first
shotty in the trunk
pockets shrunk
you a punk
you ain’t about sh~t

- letras de ntrovurt

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