letras de ninety nine collective – big puffin op. 4

por favor espere um momento...

mah, mah, brr, brr
mah, mah, brr, brr
gotta warm up homie
ahh for the reels
no i’m kidding, most people know that
i think?
i hope i’m not just f—ing weird

afflack, quack quack
snapchat, knapsack
duct tape for all the people, that gon’ snap back
girl’s duck faces, and i swear i’m taking that back

how the f— does that last line still make sense?
it’s 2020, and we still got constipated mess
four years, that got old, four more is pot-hole
obviously talking’ bout that country flags half-pole

i’m sick of people f—ing telling me that i’m a tad-pole
if you feel the same then grow some legs and move-it now homes
long, frayed from dial-up, movie’ quick like serpents
connection at your fingers do some sh-t and make it worth it

in a year where people can afford to live right through their purpose
i’ve been working, you’ve been working, everybody draw the curtains–up
of this i’m certain
how the f— we supposed to get our tweets read out like sermons?

bottom line is i don’t know what’s up, i don’t know what i’m gonna do for a living, and i don’t know what i’m feeling ever
if i’m feeling
i don’t know where i’m gonna live
i don’t know just how bad my habits and vices are
and how deeply they affect me
i know nothing
i know nothing
i’m twenty years old
and i know nothing

and i know some things, but is that enough?
it never is enough, that’s the point
when it’s enough you’re dead
dead, dead, dead, cold hard in the ground

f— man, i guess this is kind of sad and eclectic and all over the map, but feelings are that, so i don’t know, f—

- letras de ninety nine collective

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