mysonne – i need you

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i miss you, baby, no if’s and maybe’s,
your silence is driving me crazy,
just pick up the phone, you drive me so sick and alone,
let’s talk about it, let me just come home, please, let me make it up.
the thought of us breaking up got me waking up in cold sweats and shaking up.
it ain’t enough that i’m crying,
trying to hold it all in, but i can’t, it’s like i’m dying.
all the lying, cheating, sneaking,
the secret meetings with her on the weekend
is over, i told her we’re done,
is gonna take a lot to get over this one.
i know i really messed up, feeling all f’ed up,
let’s put it in the past, i know, i feel in chest, but
i’m sorry, i need you, i love you,
i just wanna see you and hug you, i need you.

n-body said it would be perfect, but i know it’s worth it,
you know i ain’t hurt you on purpose.
i know that you’re nervous, thinking can you trust me?
will he cheat again or can he be with just me?
just let me prove that i’ve changed
before you change the locks and you move out my things.
let me show you that i love you, cause you know i does,
baby girl, let me make it like it was.
and i know you’re gonna say that love ain’t enough,
but it’s the foundation for all the other stuff.
all we got is us, the good outweight the bad,
don’t throw away all the good times that we had.
all the nights that you lied by my side,
pacts that we made, the nights that you cried,
shared all your secrets, i whipped out your eyes,
i wanna share my life with you, be my bride

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