letras de ​mr. master – ​upper!

por favor espere um momento...

[prod. by mr. master]

[intro: harlan ellison]
and i say hey you
shut the f~ck~

[verse: mr. master]
up till i knock out in a slump
till then, i’m runnin’ amok
malice wreak havoc
i’m back at a doc in a huff
restless, knowin’ i spearhead it long as i’m wake
thought ’cause i’m sleep that it’s safe
like dreams ain’t as fertile a source for the brain
fertile a source as these rappers i ate
fuel tank spent and i fill it back long as i’m live
peak of the pink of my prime
second i’m snorin’, i short myself time
short myself water that’s agin’ like wine
ain’t no disorder, i’m fine
as long as i’m up
till i’m six feet kickin’ dust
till then, i market disrupt
challenge on challenge
i’m back in my bag on you mugs
yawn. body in bed and i’m done

- letras de mr master

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