letras de motley crue – i don’t care

por favor espere um momento...

you say you love him your life is cruel
somebody needs you someone’s a fool
well i did everything to make you see
you were the only one for me
just be aware
i don’t care

i still remember what you don’t know
we should have been there honey i won’t go
i took you anytime, anywhere
it’s so expensive baby i don’t care
just be aware
i don’t care

so say your prayers

i don’t care if you need me
i don’t care if you don’t
i don’t care if you believe me
cause i’m sure that you won’t
you can have all my money
i’ve never been unfair
i don’t care

you say he loves you
that may be true
honey i got something
that’s good for you

- letras de motley crue

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