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mims – like this

por favor espere um momento...

uh, you know what it is what it is
when we do what we do
uh, yea

if good girls get down on the floor
tell me how low will a bad girl go
she probably pick it up drop it down real slow
either that or she’s upside down on the pole
that’s when i grab the knot throw it up in the sky
let it come down slow watch it all fly
front to the back
then side to the side
can we head back to my crib for the night

that’s how it goes down
all night long
she whisper in my ear says she loves my song
this is why i’m hot, she got it on her phone
top ten download number one ring tone
i’m in my zone
tell me what’s good, what it be
can’t say i’m what you want
i got what you need
all night, it’s alright
we can dance, but ya gotta keep it up a little somethin’

like this [x8]
baby do you want it
like this [x7]

girl tell me if you want it like this
if you want to you can back it up
you say you like it rough won’t you let me smack it up
palm on you -ss that’s if you let me touch
i don’t care ’bout your breast
you can be an a cup
i know what i like
and baby that’s below the waist
i’m a baller baby i’ll hold us safe
i got about ten lawyers to blow the case
so we don’t gotta worry ’bout those who hate

i’m like the 2007 nino
dropped a few g’s
on my shirt like gino
homey don’t act like you know what i mean
oh see i’m the freshest motherf-cker on the screen oh
back of the club
all night long
grand marnier pop a case of the don
shortie says she love it when i let her call me sean
so if you really down baby we can get it on

like this [x8]
baby do you want it
like this [x7]
now break it down

gimme, gimme
gimme, gimme, gimme
say wha [x8]

gimme that all of that break it down
girl shake it up now drop it to the ground
girl you’re way too high
go a little lower
now baby beat it up like rocky balboa
yeah that’s what i said
shortie go ‘head
show me what you got
here’s a little more bread
you know how i shine
a hundred on the wrist
if you like what you see
then ya gotta keep it up a little something

like this [x8]
baby do you want it
like this [x7]

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