millencolin – mooseman’s jukebox

por favor espere um momento...

take warning, boxer, i threw it all away.
she, tag’s along, i’m only sleeping, can’t make me, stay.
time of her time, bob, get it rite.
let’s go, duncan, dress you up, blindfold.
talk to me, shandi, the first part, as we’re told.
oh sister, panic, one more night, rip it out.

cause i believe in kingwood days.
help me hold my feelings longer.
kingwood days, make me stronger and alive.

down in the valley, old friend, microphone.
change of ideas, my poor brain, monochrome.
rats in the hallway, soul on ice.
only in dreams, mindgames, live to tell.
there’ll be no teardrops tonight, wheeler, sliverbells.
ten minutes, welcome to paradise, paralysed.

so all these words do they have a meaning?
it’s all in vain to try to read between the lines.
but here’s a hint, stereo.
from all in print i guess threre are one or a few you know.

- letras de millencolin

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