miles beyond – stowaway

por favor espere um momento...

in the night i climbed aboard
a ship docked in the ocean’s bay
paid men for the sea
unaware of me
i hide below my mind’s decay

if i hadn’t gone
i’d remain a p-wn
in the corruption of my home
morning now has come and
the voyage has begun
as we sail into the unknown

stowaway, stowaway

many nights have past and
i wonder if i’ll last
can i stay and not be exposed?
the crew, they show no fear
and i feel we’re getting near
the ship heads straight into the coast

the journey now complete
i try to be discrete
as i make my way upon the new land
i look around and see
endless opportunity
now i have been dealt a new hand

stowaway, stowaway

stowaway, stowaway
stowaway, stowaway

- letras de miles beyond

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