miles beyond – hail to the king

por favor espere um momento...

banished from my guild
beaten to the bone
i shall have my revenge
it comes to all i’m told

giant golden idols
forged by pagan fools
hail to the king
the angel of death shall come for their souls
eternity in h-ll
hail to the king

fire! blood! vengeance! terror!

never-ending forest
lost in a mystic dream
mountains stand before me
dragons take the sheep

the book of the dead was opened
the words in blood pr-nounced
hail to the king
an army a thousand miles wide
stormed the countryside
hail to the king

gallop through the dark woods
on my demon horse
hail to the king
black as night and faithful she be
my one and only friend
hail to the king

- letras de miles beyond

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