letras de (#mh) jmulla , (#mt) sfinnese – sick of the chat

por favor espere um momento...

mh music baby



i’m sick of the chat still get
i’m sick of the chat (bow bow bow)
i’m sick of the chat (sick of it)

im sick of all this chat (stop talking )
styll get fr-ss of this dotdot pack (get high)
got opps in my lung so my stamina cr-p
and marns did run
when got bored in the back (dududip dududip)
your older dead
like tell dem lack (ahahh)
baby bandz got face cut open fact (spillage)
rg got bored in the arm
no cap (what the h-ll)
gcrash got shot and crossed the map (boi)
touch one of mine
and get homicidal ( yh )
i try k!ll bandz
heard he was suicidal (yuck)
can’t call these
kennington rejects rivals (nah)
shaun got bored and his blood was tidal (eurgh)
like s
bro i can’t get attacked (no way)
and asparks
i can’t get wrapped (asparks)
and like dave they rap and act (what the f-ck)
act for a yat
what the h-ll is dat ( bow )
i just bark off this wap at your hat (bowbow )
thats real life snap at your back (get it)
my feet just hurt from the trap (mhm)
serving arainde grande
cuz im serving a cat (deep it)
i run man down
but ride they dont back (they dont)
like a fr’s sis thats way too tapped (jezzy)
i step in the booth with fact
but in court
that statement i retract (i’m lying)
she my nappy hair cuz i live no cap (mhm)
see this beat
and like walkz they react (ughh )
and way that shanked get backed (i back dem)
you’d think
its one of my homies (like rowdy)
im not any green get bun
but im poky (dudipdudipdip)
anything bandit hold shot
like goalie (bow)
try purge on dem but
they runny like boogie (there runners )
i beefing man
that i dont even know g (ay come here)
splash get soaky
got ride for your broski (what?)
i’m still breathing
ain’t like your boy (no no)
run man down
and i’m screaming out oi (bang)
rowdy making
and he screaming boi (bang bang)
mh bop with the samurai toy
dem do all for the net like troy
my guys doing deet like troy (yh)
im not — imma trap boy (-nokia phone ring-)
that’s not —
he’s a dead boy (dead up)
shot was the size of verch-lle
but now it’s the same size as joy (bang dat)
don’t get done like cory
don’t get don’t done
and turn to there boy (why)
equal right
girls can get deaded (woyoi)
talk on the m
imma make you regret (lil b-tch)
young g in the back
and he only wan wet it (wet)
dip chef
he won’t left it (wet)
joke , he won’t lef it ( wet wet)
diglient millant marching
target blast it (bow)
booth or street it’s -rs-n
pardon p-ss him ( p-ss him)
fly like jordon (fly like jordon )
ain’t no spartan (no)
stack like cartman (yeah)
dere spots marken
all they do is talk man (bow)
might just part man
yes i’m a opp
and i love it ( i love it)
i got mandem on rope
like a muppet
peng one sweet (oh yeh)
come ere and bruk it
pig just swerve
oh lard just tuck it (skidskidskur)
it wan chat on the net
then i’ll buck it (come here)
i’ll do him
pursue him
grab him
fatal stabbing (dududip dududip)
doctors dabbing
g-ssed i’m bragging
coulda gonna fast but he’s saggin
(pull up your pants)
he got got he’s in chatting (bow bow bow bow)
aye aye
i said he got got he’s on chattings

sfinnese :
goose fur i’m lurking (aye)
other g’s in the trap there working (yh)
grab the stick yeah i got it from the germans (what)
all night by the stove i’m learning (splash)
really get the work in (ay ay )
if rap don’t work then i’m shoot up
surbans (what)
no a race i ain’t come first in (jeez)
put a hole in your chest it’s hurting (yh)
stop acting like your on badness
your a g on ig
that’s catfish (ay)
man i’ll punch you out with these fat fist (what)
choke you out and then i bun a fat — (run)
i’ve been a rowdy ( do him)
these cats in my circle they surround me
loudly sell abit of dark move it proudly
bruck sh-t on his mouth
then i’m out g (bubush)
i’m the epitome (aye)
half of these rapper
b-tches said there into me
he bored you in the neck (what)
i see it visually
now your jezzy stating facts
she wants kid with me (run)
grip that stick and i leave man shaved
going on the glide and i do it bored day (hide)
get man down now his mum needs pray (ay)
stabbed him in da batty
now i hear mans g-y (yeah)
oppboys still post less
play (what)
jump out gang no this ain’t no game
splash mans face now it ain’t the same (what)
k!ll me a opp then i’m getting one plane (ay)
drilling’s k!llings women
might be in wandsworth fam
but ask your boy if he liked dem bangs (bang)
if know then im gonna ride with gang (bubu)
chat on ig then a boy get bang
then a boy get bang (ay)

mh music baby

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