mc lars – igeneration

por favor espere um momento...

and people tried to put us down
when itunes b-mped a post-cold war sound
my generation sat at the mecca of malls,
times square, i’m there, viacom installs
so we hit the net while the trade center fell
new york met hollywood, we ran like h-ll
no vietnam for us, yo, iraq it’s on
so who agreed upon this cowboy genghis khan?
the choice made, baby. hey we’d take it back
logged in dropped out, mtv took track
they sold it back to us and claimed no correlation
the imac, ipod, igeneration
and i’m waiting for the day we can get out
the world is ours, that’s the story no doubt
want to be more than info super highway traffic
want to be more than a walking demographic!

“hey! you’re part of it” talking about the igeneration
“yeah! you’re part of it” talking about my igeneration

see the igeneration knew organization
meant optimization and unification
when imagination gave partic-p-tion
in creation of culture a manifestation
the berlin wall fell and out we came
the post-cold war kids laid claim to aim.
lol, omg, yo, brb. sp-ce, colon, dash, closed parenthesis
we sat at our laptops and typed away,
and found that we each had something to say
web-logged our fears, our hopes and dreams
individuated by digital means
fiber optic lenses, dvd, coca cola, disney and mickey d’s.
flat m-ss culture, the norm that took hold
i hope i die before i get sold

[repeat chorus]
this is the inte. rnet ge-na-ra-tion, see?
this is the inte. rnet ge-na-ra-tion, see?

- letras de mc lars

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