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mary j blige – hurt again

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]
sometimes i really don’t wanna have to speak my mind
cuz, i really don’t wanna tell you how i, am digging you so
i can’t let go, but it hurts me to my soul
i tell you every little thing that is on my mind, i can’t let you know so i hide it inside
all my feelings for you, don’t want you to, let it go to your head
i’m into you sometimes, but i can’t get you off my mind
so i hit you with the game, always trying to act like you loving doesn’t faze me when the
truth is that it amazes me
you know it’s a big lie cuz you can see right thru my eyes
how much i wanna hold you, give you all my loving, baby boy let me show
and i really wanna get to know you

i’ve been there and i’ve done that and i promise never to get hurt again, never again
you drive me crazy but i promise myself never to get hurt again, never again

[verse 2]
i can never, ever let you see me this way, so i take all my feelings and i tuck ’em away
fronting like i don’t want you to hold me tight, so i act like i’m putting up a fight
to get your attention, and make you stay a while longer
so i tell you i don’t like it cuz i know that’ll make you wanna hold me tighter,
i can’t help myself i really like you

[chorus (2x)]

i don’t deserve it,
i can never get hurt again, never get hurt again, never
i don’t deserve it,
i can never get hurt again never get hurt again, no

- letras de mary j blige

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