malice – winds of death (angel of light)

por favor espere um momento...

the winds of death have blown again
breezed upon your soul gracefully
why does it all begin?
why does it all end? the mystery
bringing only sorrow and sadness
i’ll know the answers when the winds of death blow on

when i look up to the heavens
i know just where you are
you’re the fire burning bright
you’re my shining star

angel of light – shine down on me
angel of light – unfold my mysteries
angel of light – i heed the words you say
angel of light – through my darkened days

so hard to understand why i had to let go, set you free
but the winds of death only carried you to rest in
so many signs that show you’re still with me
as i take my steps through my journey’s you hold the

whisper the secrets
to the answers i seek
what is really the meaning
is life only what we’re dreaming

the winds of death will blow again
sure as it begins
the winds of death will blow again
someday it all will end
the winds of death will blow again
it’s written in the stars
the winds of death will blow again
in the cosmos where we are

- letras de malice

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