love lies bleeding – bleeding

por favor espere um momento...

falling and falling
ex nihilo nihil
falling and falling
nothing comes from nothing
we come from there

falling and falling
in an empty chaos
falling and falling
endless journey
meaningless being

who will bleed?
pain is not real, life is not real
who will bleed?
pleasure is not real, death is not real

hoping and hoping
no blood no flesh
hoping and hoping
let us remain nowhere
in our peacefull land

who will bleed?

i’m reflected by my own shadow
waiting for my eternity
i love this immortal sleep
carry me not in the insomnia of life

hearing my doom
the white noise of the atoms
hearing my doom
something is congregate
feeling my fate
i’m starting to be
feeling my fate

hearing my doom
feeling my fate

who will bleed?

light, fever
world is born before my eyes
screams matter
hope is burning in my soul
sin, virtue
humanity is near
logos, pathos
the is the end of the beginning

like dust in a ray of light
we’re not falling anymore
tears are now gathering
to create the fountain of being

to create the birth of everything

why did you disturb our sleep?
why did you end our journey?
we were the ones
who didn’t want to be

is there a god?
or an eyeless enegry?
is there a demon?
his s-m-n is our particle
incestuous ontology

you will bleed

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