lone ninja – enemy base

por favor espere um momento...

all h-ll broke loose
the ships with their angry fingers pointed towards the enemy
spewing out their human cargo
spitting death, in every direction

[lone ninja]
yeah the terror’s here, i’m metal gear solid
in devil’s lair, i sever, sheer carnage
you fellows fear the horrid, i’m harsh with power
i never spare a hostage, in darkest hour
darts will shower you fortress, charge the prowler
is lawless, marsh is piled up with corpses
fallen soldiers, reek of death
swarming vultures, eat their flesh
bleek distress, train with sharpest sword
beat the best, reign in art of war
race to start the brawl, you cowards is done
brazen marching tall, the battle is won
the barrel of gun, diffuse the loud threats
yall gathered and hung, with noose around neck
the brute is now vex, the worst you all die
shoot you down next you heard the war cry
thoughts sly, castrophe is crucial
caught spies, the savagery is brutal
to battle me is futile, i blast the weapon
the master teaches pupil, the cl-ss in session

gigantic, shoe size of the t-tanic
dine on a woolly mammoth, lift planets
juggle, ocean’s a mere puddle
step in it, cause tsunami, galactus
knock earth off axis, breath wormholes
provide ufos, ready to go
in and out of time zones, ug’s a monster
more countries to conquer, nasa launch the
probe, blow cold to freeze a satellite
sit on saturn, ill rhyme patterns
smash in skyscr-pers, godzilla
they tried to launch pods with arms trying to k!ll ug
was sp-wn from giants, tyrant
bend iron, kick trucks and send cars flying
many people die when i’m in destruct mode
k!lling militaries by the truckload

[lone ninja]
the green beret, mean with blades
siege and raid grieve on your knees and pray
creep then slay, stalking with heavy axe
seeking prey, you caught in the deadly trap
melee, h-ll, with aa-12
no luck when foes struck, may they yell
sniper fell from tower, bursted slug
i could smell gunpowder, thirst for blood
hurt with grudge, your hope is squandered
the ghost of sparta is gross and harsher
who dares cross lone, hack and slash
full scale war zone’s aftermath

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