lloyd – the playboy diaries

por favor espere um momento...

the playboy diaries

and now ladies and gentleman the mic of the year… goldie!

we allow you to accept this invitation
to take a journey into the mind, into the thoughts
of none other than young goldie
playboy diaries

it’s a day of my life (life), champagne sippin
bunny side, flackin, makin eggs in the kitchen
(why?) this is how i’m livin
go and get in position, baby pose for the pictures
(smile) i see a couple freaks sighing me yea
coming back for seconds after trying me
girl i know you seen no one as fly as me
here’s a page from my playboy diary
follow me, i got a pool in the back (in the back)
mama say she act a fool for the stack (for the stack)
got er swimming in a pool full of racks
i think i’ll take er for a cruise in the llac
(let’s go)
shine through the top, with a diamond in the back (yea)
young goldie on repeat, run it back
shorty want me, now she’s sittin on my lap
body so nice with an -ss so fat (d-mn)

i’m barry gordy to the streets

let em, you have to the beats
every day we getting busy in the sheets
ladies in the game, it’s like they’re coming to the beach

real n-gg- to the day that i’m deceased

buckin now, i’m killin prince, he rest in peace
hey boy, you can tell by my speech
got a million of my words
when i speak it’s the playboy diaries

you are in tuned to the homie lloyd
aka young goldie
and this is the playboy diaries
i’ll be your narrator for the evening
none other than dj scream hood rich mmg
now turn up the volume

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