lilitu – to burn before the sun

por favor espere um momento...

to live, to watch the nights of the living
the winds await and question our presence
but we, the sleepless and all-knowing
…shall rise again, like rivers flow to oceans

to be, to rise, to burn before the sun
awaken before thee, ever remembering of our life
longing for dust to mist, beholding the sky
as i a fragment of her ashes turn much stronger

nor fate for life, no meaning can explain
between horizons, my hope will die
yet we are held by our own deliberation
shall set forth unto an ever ceasing life

the sun persists to burn, but no longer shines for me
i now exhaust myself and become
a memory

(…and vanish like a wasted sun with embers of emptiness
that shroud my very soul)

- letras de lilitu

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