lil kim – if you love me

por favor espere um momento...

if you love me you would say in front of da world,
if you love me you would say in front of dem
boy you ain’t gotta front with none of them
if you love me you would tell em that i’m your girl
if you love me you would you would say in front of da world
if you love me you’ll let the world know it,

you say it out of your mouth but i rather your heart show it,
actions speak louder than words
angels fly higher than birds
this was god’s work but you couldn’t see,
god blessed you,
when he sent you to me
see ya boys don’t see the side that i see, i told you
you ain’t gotta front for da streets
we were born to ride, bonnie and clyde
like your favorite gun i was right by your side,
see my love is true, yeah you know this is true
everything is all f-cked up because of you


i need a real dude i could deal with,
share a family and a house on the hill with
take trips to paris not the hiltons, i’m talking bout france
true romance, walk the red carpet together and hold hands,
style on the haters,
they ain’t got the fans cause right now oo
don’t live here, first the record sales,
summen gotta give here,
few n-gg-s out there tryin live
here put a ring on it, drop a few kids here
yeah happy valentine’s day,
but if you really love me you would show me everything, everything

[refrain (x2)]

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