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lil boosie – the rain

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“the rain”
(feat. lil’ trill, locco)

i lost my daddy at 14, i lost trell at 12, life in jail.
ain’t it funny how the money makes you seperate the real and fake?
i started off small time victim of the game, a monte carlo to a bentley and a diamond ring.
i got fame but mayne my whole world changed.
some n-gg-s left me in the rain, my girls changed, they changed on me!
i thought i got lucky, 200 g’s took my grandmother from me.
i hit my knees (why lord?!) i tried syrup i tried weed i couldn’t cope n-gg-.
head down crying tears at the hospital.
a broken home, tried to get my hustle on n-gg- killed lil ivy my soul gone.
i bought my mama a house she cried instantly, all that shinin got my n-gg-s in penitentary!

[chorus x2:]
i can clearly see the sunshine, but i’m steady walking through the rain!

[lil trill:]
still got hatred in the city after all that we done did all the toy give always school clothes and things.
even for easter givin the kids bikes and for that they ain’t cryin up in carroltyn now that aint right.
we still smile though cause of the sunshine, wonder what i’ll do if i could press rewind.
i done seen a lot half both sides of the field, the best of both worlds and yeah i’m for real.
mama got 7 kids with pops i stand alone.
i’m walking through the rain but still i move on, i just started so right now i’m far from done.
i keep moving on until i see the full sun.
patiently waiting but the best is still yet to come, i guess things happen for a reason when its said & done.
say lil b keep your head up just take it serious bra keep your faith in god cause he’s the one who lay at us.

[chorus x2]

diabetes steady eating my insides f-cking my vision up i swear to god i feel like giving up.
some times i’m laughin with my money machine, but they trying to put me on dialysis machine.
i-v’s in my arms, i know i’m doing wrong no insurance back to early can’t long.
being a daddy only thing that make me happy, i’m tired of getting sick same thing for young savage.
i try to do right and help my community police still kicking at my door dirty motherf-ckers.
you probably think i got the world at my hands, but really dog i got the world on my shoulders!
when i look at your son i see your face homie (lil ivy) everybody pray for me cause they hating on me.
wish i could take it all back sometimes, truth is i don’t even like to rap sometimes.

[chorus x2]

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