lil boosie – set it off

por favor espere um momento...

you wanna talk sh-t? you wanna run your mouth?
you want some gangsters front your motherf-cking house?
we’ll set this b-tch off, yeah set this b-tch off
we’ll set this b-tch off, set this b-tch off
they call me bad azz, and i’ll punish you
you ain’t my equal, we ain’t people and i ain’t one of you
since ’98 i grabbed my plate up off the lunch table
i told mama i’m thugging outside we don’t need cable
now i’m the nipples on the t-tty, the motor called a “hemi”
i’m the v-12 in that 760, your n-gg-‘s b-tches
we’re real n-gg-s with g-codes
we love to go in beast mode
we’re thugging, we all got bread so if we fall we’re the crutches
we’re the dodo in the dutchess
i’m the photo in the camera
i’m the pistol when it snap you
i got the sickest beemer, i got the sickest magnum, i got the sickest charger
you all’s 30 mines 40
i told you n-gg-‘s let me get me, for you get stretched in the street
this the day that you gonna be deceased for playing with a beast
i told turk take off my collar
i’m finna take it there
you n-gg-s ain’t play at my projects, you all played at the fair
trill entertainment, that’s my thugs there
that’s love there
da don’t search my house ’cause ain’t no motherf-cking drugs there
we’re smart with this sh-t, we got r-t-rded with this sh-t
duce-duce up in my shoe, i set if off up in this b-tch n-gg-

set it off in this motherf-cker, set it off
my click all dogs b-tch don’t make us set it off [x2]
set it off in this motherf-cker, set it off
you jumping like a frog we’ll put you on that wall
set it off in this motherf-cker, set it off
my click all dogs b-tch don’t make us set it off

man i be thugging, i be fresh, i be super clean
with gucci shades with some j’s you ain’t never seen
the race car jacket with about 80 f-cking patches, with the car to match it
tony stewart, it’s a cl-ssic
you all penny pinching n-gg-, we spending on you all n-gg-s
call savage from the back, come pour some henny on these n-gg-s, man
you don’t wanna f-ck with me
i learned from the streets, yeah
i roll with my heat, yeah
never turn on my peeps ’cause i’m gutta
came out my mama a hustler
been through the rain and the pain, now i’m a dirty motherf-cker
i’ll hurt a motherf-cker, set it off in this b-tch
you all n-gg-s coughing in this b-tch, we’re flossing in this b-tch
and i walk real well, f-ck going to jail
come home and set it off and get you mail, n-gg-
i got a mind full of evil thoughts
so don’t get you people caught round my people house
’cause believe me i’m gone set it off b-tch


oh you bucked up and f-cked up and you ain’t got no mind
don’t even respect you elders no you ain’t respecting mine
but i’m gonna hit you with that nine, put some sense in you n-gg-
should’ve put something on you -ss when you was a lil n-gg-
now that you wanna play with the real n-gg-s
well set it off
b-tch you’re scared to let it off, plus your daddy wasn’t no dog
you mama had more heart than you daddy b-tch -ss
you ain’t gonna set nothing off, that’s who made you soft
b-tch you wanna come in that south, where it get dumb in that drought
where n-gg-‘s wild out like o-dog and run in your house
and run in your mouth, it’s crucial
watch what you say about boosie
’cause boosie to oozie’s
it’s crucial
ain’t never had sh-t but i’ll f-ck a bad b-tch
quicker that you can count to 6, 1-2-3-4-5-6 she hit
i don’t play, i lay laws, you’re my size i break jaws
i get disrespected at all, i set it off n-gg-

i set it off in this motherf-cker,
don’t make me let it off in this motherf-cker
and you’re gonna respect a dog up in this motherf-cker
’cause i’ll set it off

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