lil b – bitch of the city

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b-tch of the city

if you want that real thuggin’ sh-t, that gutta sh-t, that otha sh-t
that thuggin, that 50, ya feel me?
i’m talkin’ bout, that sh-t that them b-tches ride to
and they f-ck with a real n-gg-, ya feel me

[verse 1:]
yea, i want the funk, bra
yea, i’m powered up, bra
you hate lil b?
yea thats whats up bra
yea, i’ll f-ck yo b-tch, bra
yea, i’m super sick bra
its berkely boy based god
shouts out to b-tch mob
i still throw it up
cause i still got no f-ckin’ manners
i’m 22 i’m to old to be acting manish
pick up yo camera, go ahead and take a picture
i’m a legend in the flesh (based god!)
and i’m high and, i’m cocaine (based god!)
ion play no games b-tch
i tell you ’bout this thang here
you thinkin’ that i’m pisay?
i come back with the ak (based god!)
ya thinking i’m a mark?
n-gg-, come back with that hawk, n-gg-
ya acting like a f-ggot
thats when sh-t gets tragic (based god!)

i’m talking lil brah,..
martha stewart
you ever heard a n-gg- so sick like this
that you just cough?
b-tches its its..just
wayne brady
50 killer
you know why we rocking with it
i said we still gudda with it
i’m talking bout everybody in b-tch mob
everybody reppin’ b-tch mob down take a case bruh
your att-tude
your att-tude is sh-tty

[verse 2:]
and i’m still up in the hood
and ain’t n-body f-cking with me (based god!)
and i might buy that black mask, black coat with the black bag
plans ain’t gone do for me i’m thinking bout that new money
i’m thinking bout going through thangs
based world i do thangs
based world been too sick
white flame thats the ill sh-t
i came from the gudda but these n-gg-s
still they play me p-ssy
till i bust lil woadie head
these n-gg-s gone call me a rookie
and boy i ain’t got no feelings
touch me thats yo problem
b-tch, lets hang out
no b-tch i got too many problems
b-tch, you won’t understand..
stuck in the hood with f-ck n-gg-s man!
and i’mma keep it real talk, bruh
some n-gg-s is living to die
used to stay away from them
cuz them n-gg-s get the k-clips
them n-gg-s is the reason why n-gg-s get t-padded on the eye
bruh you kno the b-tch will make a n-gg- f-cking die

[interlude 2:]
lil b b-tch
i’m talking bout i’m the head ho
i’m the b-tch of the city
i’m the b-tch of the city
i’m the head ho

b-tch mob what it is
i’m the b-tch of the city
fifty-one fifth
thats what it is n-gg-
gudda ville
gudda is what gudda does
based god
lil b
white flame
its just a process for me
they made me angry
they made me like this
wanted to be cool but
they wanted me to get the k and bust some brains
its ok with me..
white flame ain’t no joke watchu thinking bout n-gg-
it ain’t no joke
new lil b coming soon
illusions of graunder part..2 all that
look out for that
you with that?
gudda ville
i’m talking bout where i’m from
you get down bad
you get down in, bruh
i’m the realest alive..
keep that love in yo eyes
keep the hate out of yo heart..

- letras de lil b

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