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lemar – complicated cupid

por favor espere um momento...

driving my ride,
cruising down the a406,
i don’t know why she don’t love me the same way,
trying to figure out,
how did we end up like this?
i can’t take this feeling,
i believe in yesterday,

when it’s over it’s,
face it,
if you dont love her then leave her,

you’re so complicated cupid!
please don’t let my baby leave,
bring her loving back to me, cupid!
draw back your bow,
and let love flow,
working my brain,
going insane,
think she thinks i’m cheating,
how do i get her to truly trust me once again?
why did i play?
never should have strayed,
i am so foolish,
cupid i think i need your hand,
i’m a helpless man,

when it’s over it’s over,
face it,
if you don’t love her then leave her


if you’re with me shake it, shake it, shake it,
if you feel me clap, soul clap, soul clap,
can i get a witness in here,
if you’ve got love,
don’t take it for granted,
it could get complicated,

why don’t she love me?

[chorus x2]

- letras de lemar

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