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landon pigg – gardenia

por favor espere um momento...

(duet with mae whiteman)

i always liked the drama
i always liked the joke
i always liked the love
and i always liked the smoke
i’ve never been a poster-child of my days
but i’ve sent a lot of post cards
and yours is on its way

i traded in my pong hops for a bar right through my ear
it kind of hurts to sleep on, but pain’s not what i fear
i shiver at the prospect of being just one thing
i missed a lot of targets but never lost my aim

i’ve done a lot of research
i’ve read a lot of books
i’ve turned a lot of pages
i’ve seen some dirty looks
but i can brave the weather
for a chilly glance from you
’cause somewhere in the distance

the sun is peeking through

i’ve always been a flower
i’ve always been a tree
a cabin in the forest
a blanket on the beach
never in my whole life
would i choose just one
i’ve always loved the moonlight
i’ve always felt the sun

somewhere in the middle
of a sunset and a dream
is the prettiest gardenia
the prettiest gardenia
the prettiest gardenia
that you’ve ever seen

- letras de landon pigg

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