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kottonmouth kings – neva stop

por favor espere um momento...

can’t stop
won’t stop….
we ain’t gon’ never stop

we need to make it clear let me pop my sh-t off
we’ve been here for like ten years b-tch don’t pop off
tattoos all over my body i’m covered in kottonmouth kings
i believe this sh-t dog don’t even bother me
microphone on my left arm i got to keep it real
rocking gold records on my wall b-tch d-loc got skillz
i ain’t telling fairy tales and i’m not conceited
i could give a mother f-cker the chills and make him believe me
can’t stop won’t stop we need to make it clear
stop asking dumb questions ’cause i’m still standing here
i catch a cat sleeping give him a contact
ask him if he got this ’cause i got that


it took me so many years to get to the top
and now that i’m here i ain’t gonna let my alt-tude drop
i stay flying high like aces checking people’s faces
as if i’m in a poker tournament in las vegas
it’s johnny richter so you know you can’t play this
support the type of people who’ll leave you lying faceless
i got the kind of weed that’ll leave you feeling weightless
tell me what you need and i’ll soon be on my way kid
bullet proof tires keep me moving on
jb designers hook me up with bongs
and all my homies hook me up with bomb weed
so how you gonna stop us when the clock hits 4:20 come on


we ain’t gonna stop
we ain’t gonna stop
we aint gonna we ain’t gonna we ain’t gonna stop

we ain’t gonna stop
we ain’t gonna stop
we ain’t gonna we ain’t gonna we ain’t gonna stop

we ain’t gonna stop until the wheels they go pop
until our casket top drop
until they resurrect pac
until they outlaw hip hop and put a ban on punk rock
until they legalize legalize legalize pot
see we ain’t gonna stop until all our houses are bought
’til we run the whole city then we own the whole block
we ain’t gonna stop until we’re sitting on top
’cause them kottonmouth kings got the beats that go drop
lights, camera, action, go
kottonmouth kings are in full control
i said lights, camera, action, stop
kottonmouth kings got them beats that go drop


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