knights of the abyss – mission: de-evolution

por favor espere um momento...

presenting the old world, corrupt
mankind becoming so f-cked up
exploiting the fall of every man
all across the war-torn lands
don’t hesitate to show the light
creating all sorts of hype
of a new stereotype
promoting hate is my only gripe
segregating different races
use the pencil that erases
break the walls, come to your senses
power is all your mind quenches
the careless need to get off their fences
atmosphere reeking of putrid stenches
come on!
destroying the earth
corroding to h-ll
nails on a chalkboard
headaches will swell
tying your limbs into complex knots
i am the juggernaut!
nukes flying left and right
nations act in their final fight
there is no end in sight
our world will end tonight
humankind running on e
too bad your life isn’t f-cking free
mankind’s engines slowly die
bow to your final f-cking cry
try to escape, you cannot
all fear the juggernaut!

- letras de knights of the abyss

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