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kmfdm – spit or swallow

por favor espere um momento...

what’s so hard to understand?
which part did you not get?
what exactly floats your boat?
who do you abet?

clinging to the status quo
dispute state of affairs
instead of ringing in the change
content with splitting hairs

better die on your feet than live on your knees
in the absence of justice there will be no peace

spit or swallow
pretend or commit
lead or follow
ideal or unfit
spit or swallow
palace or pit
legionnaire or

hide behind your pious words
lament your desperate state
do you believe in action
or play victim to your fate?

spit or swallow
deny or admit
lead or follow
arise or quit
spit or swallow
rebel or submit
try or die trying
swallow or spit

war is the rich man’s terrorism
terrorism is the poor man’s war

what am i supposed to make
of people like you?
what you say is not enough
it’s what you do

cowardly bewailing
too frightened to stand tall
play the hand you have been dealt
you’ve got no b-lls at all

drown in your blood
or live in your sh-t

- letras de kmfdm

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