kmfdm – bumaye

por favor espere um momento...

beautiful and twisted, couldn’t help but be drawn in
fearlessly, bold determination
only trouble you have been
carry murder in your heart
like poetry, a work of art
knew just how this would end
from the very start

shame on you
cut me ’til i bleed, taking more than what you need
apathy, an omen, forewarning
couldn’t help but heed the call
your prize possession skeletons
scattered bones laid to rest
so many secrets, i’m surprised you haven’t choked
i’ve learned a thing or two about your sick devotion
so there’s no misunderstanding, i’m on to you


es hat mich so erschreckt
du hast mich so schrecklich erschreckt
ich bin ängstlich und habe fürchterlichen durst
ich bin ärgerlich
so furchtbar verärgert
und derm-ssen geladen
d-ss ich kotzen könnte

let it all be done

walk the gauntlet, toe the line
h-ll hath no fury like my kind
murder, madness, death divine
seek my wrath and ye shall find

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