js – sister

por favor espere um momento...

sister, what are you going through,
somethings bothering you,
and i think i know just what it is,
sister, its all because of him,
now i don’t mean to bud in,
but i hate to see you going through

now the road you are taken,
i have been there,
a time or two,
between me and you

when you love somebody,
like i love somebody
and when you’ve been hurt,
like i’ve been hurt,
you’ll understand how,
love has it’s ups and downs,
it’s what you make it

sister, i’m asking you don’t let go,
he will be back i know,
and i know it’s hard for you to see,
sister, don’t you throw away a good thing,
though your heart seems weak,
you’ll feel better when you two speak


when you fall in love (fall in love)
you dont exspect the pain
when the sun shines
you dont plan on the rain
but if the weather changes
you should be each others shelter
its the only way that love will last
forever (ever)


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