letras de josh verdes – best is yet to come

por favor espere um momento...

how can you ever try to figure out
something in this world where nothing ever goes without
changes that keep causing my heart to just doubt
this world will leave you standing alone

so just let
let it be
i won’t become another tragedy
cause i just can’t live with mediocrity
the best is yet to come…

if i could just find a way
to just get myself to start thinking straight
i will find my way
and then the world will see my resume and say
“your way is good”

the page turns, another chapter finished
these pictures cry out louder than words
even though my heart is wondering what could’ve been
oh i’m ready to keep reading on

the world is not your friend no matter what
they try to make you believe
don’t try to read between the lines
cause trust can easily deceive…
i’ve got to redeem myself!

- letras de josh verdes

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