jonathan twilley – exposure

por favor espere um momento...

we lay juxtapose at no cost
derision incriminates my thoughts
do not stop your intent
that pose enforces unanimous scorn
be one lowbrow in my sight
so here recovered those eyes
careless accuracy spurts to me
jolt nothing yet shake fears hands
your beauty must be withdrawn
ducking at expense of closure
betrayed in opium field strength
imagination rich of such instabilities
pausing time, opening aspirations dusty loft
years past day by hour to a frozen instance
for peace within blissful insane happiness
better or worse one says when in depths
overcome to a strength of no doubt
questions are for fools in ultimate p-ssion
scream away yards of alienation
caring for immediacy…. a real friend
looking back today is that tomorrow
one has promised awakening
many keys of motivation stolen
frustration moves the he-rs- away
let anger instill realities faults
destroy gl-ss of beauty
murder every aspect of lovely
a casual dream is gray
let emotions go humanistic sure
in time the crime and raves will die
immune to the futures thousand volts
bleed this land for all it’s worth
a reward of shining seas waits
stay in vulnerabilities mine field
the devils playground, relaxation of hope
let other dreamers live their instable nightmares
turn impure over a night storm
kiss the pain of one’s choice
don’t get in the way of another’s dying fields
only my broad shield over my destination
be a respectable mash of insanity
even when one charming member is daring
don’t fight for a dirty sc-m bag
especially in stars of hatred
my own game goes for me, it’s my crimson
my own fame lives for me, my heart
my own emotion cries for me, my love
my own anger fights for me, my frustration
my own past dies for me, my enemies…..
that cause, those scorn impure friends in such a deviant manner
i will slither them awake, every pain in every way

jonathan twilley, breaking limited 2017

- letras de jonathan twilley

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