letras de jon hope – black rose

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jon hope & mary gipson
streets won’t grow as long as we doubt it we on go as long as we got it (hope) streets won’t grow as long as we doubt it we on go as long as we got it (hope)

jon hope
black rose i’m a black rose in the pavement don’t water me ahh! speak truth can be costly ahh got drive no car keys this is no innuendo! why see the world through tinted windows
i’m never low key but high key what i say in vein is iv
shut up! man in the mirror looked me in the eye said i am enough shut up! i don’t want your truth, your culture, man i am enough
shut up! red blood, white lies, oh my ghetto sings blues
one taste of the _____ oh man i’ll never think two on a late night a dream told me n-gga run fast never slowly when you catch me just use me when you level up don’t abuse me
on this looseleaf i pen that my melanin please respect that got dark shades for your eyesight ‘cause this gon’ shine bright

mary gipson
if i had a dollar for every single time you said you were real
if i had a dollar for every single time i would have a mill

i would buy me a town
you could keep the change too

- letras de jon hope

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