john mccormack – when shadows gather

por favor espere um momento...

what will me do (pr-nounced dear-uh)
when shadows gather
with all anon
hear the voting below
when i hear they’re falling
and the voices of calling
and all is darkness
the way we go
watch then beloved
i need this hope

pray with me, do (dear-uh)
when i don’t awaken
when oer the mountains
oh! toward we fare
when clouds beset us
and friends forget us
friends and beloved
i need thy prayer

wait for me do (dear-uh)
when thou hath left me
when through the long, lonely all did i fare
come down from heav’n my belov’d to bless and guard me
wait for me there when thy stars sure guide me
oh! my beloved! wait for me there!
wait for me there in our heav’n!

- letras de john mccormack

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