letras de john hiatt – our time

por favor espere um momento...

i traced your arms
as you laid spread out
on the sunday paper
looked like
the crime scene
of an angel ghost
i heard the gate clatter
to on the elevator
i wrapped myself
up in it like
a cold beef roast

fell asleep
was cooked medium
and placed
on a dining room
table in brooklyn
before an older couple
surrounded by family
and friends
so wonderful and kind
i flashed back to you
giving dollars
to homeless men
down in the bowery
not before
they convinced you
it was for sandwiches
and not for wine
i just could never
convince you baby
this was our time
this was our time
this was our time

now your feeding me fabulous
chinese takeout
on the dampened bed sheets
our last supper so you might say
i woke up in a cold sweat
and realized we’d never cooked
one meal together
you always said,
“why bother?”
with the cuisines of the world
laid at our feet here everyday

then i thought
of our first date
back in nashville
we shared the pupu platter
you enjoyed it with such gusto
i took it for a sign
we would have many happy meals
together in a warm dining room
somewhere maybe even
that was way back then
and i was just another guy
with food on his mind
but this
baby this was our time

this was our time
this was our time
this was our time
what did you have
in mind?
this was our time

- letras de john hiatt

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