john butler trio – groovin’ slowly

por favor espere um momento...

beautiful woman, so s-xy
come shake that bottom over, over to me
feel that one drop, feel that sk-nk
brother b playing that hip hop
it better than a, money in the bank
lights are low, moon is high
i want you to know
that you’re the brightest star in my sky and

i’m groovin’ slowly
with my woman
groovin’ slowly
with my wo-man

dj play that music
all night long
play that funky kingston
you know it’s our, our favourite song
feel that back beat
feel that groove
got my baby on the dancefloor
she doin all her, her favourite moves

i want you to know girl
i want you to feel
i want to show you
that my love is real
i want you to see girl
you’re the brightest star that shines
even though there is no forever
i’m gonna love you ’til the end of time

‘cos i’m, i’m groovin’ slowly

- letras de john butler trio

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