joe budden – i couldn’t help it

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]
(talk to em) we had a beautiful relationship at one point (but then)
then that sh-t changed with the quickness
maybe because i was f-cking other b-tches (or)
or maybe we had on business having business
not the girl that i would want to raise kids with
but still that sh-t happen regardless (look)
i was so young back then so heartless
the sh-t i was thinking could have caught me some charges
listen, i tried to talk to her normally (but)
that sh-t didn’t work for a one second she was on to me
i tried to explain how i ain’t have a dollar to my name
pursuing this rap sh-t chasing fame
young dude stressed in the hood
like jesus
i ain’t ready for no child but she was
when you p-ss poor
get to having sick thoughts
while the chick probably sitting there thinking about marriage
i’m thinking abortion like a savage
an on purpose accident to have a miscarriage
her mother and mine i couldn’t end up seeing (plus)
plus what type of mother would you end up being
you already a psycho i wouldn’t let that p-ss
i ain’t think life time bond i thought fat -ss
all them times you was pregnant and miserable
all them fights we had that got physical
every time i sent you packing p-ss at you
like i ain’t want to live with you
yeah i kinda planned that
that sounds just like me
(then you) then out pushed something out that looks just like me
i grabbed my little dude up
looked him in his eyes
you can’t understand right now i apologize
how could i not want you here and be that selfish
f-ck was on my mind at the time my bad i couldn’t help it

naw mean i couldn’t help it
(talk to em right quick)
for real i couldn’t help it
even though i tried
must have been something going on inside
no lie i couldn’t help it
i couldn’t help it

[verse 2]
(talk to em) now this is how you know we go threw phases
(how) cause he done sold millions of records
(and then) plus they done been together for ages
i don’t really know how i should say this
me and ole boy done shared a couple of stages
but he wasn’t around when i saw her in vegas (ok)
she said remember me
i though i shouldn’t lie
i looked baby up and down and said should i
maybe she my ole broad maybe she a singer
i looked down and seen that chunky rock on her finger
she said i’m blinks wife how you been and what your doing here
(look) i should have asked her that same sh-t
(cause) snoop already told me that b-tches ain’t sh-t
and the industry’s so small
that’s how the game is
when you famous
everybody’s a bilingual plaintiff
and the defendant speaks one language
but we exchanged numbers like f-ck it (i mean look)
all we gone talk about is music (and then)
neither one of us will ever use it (i was wrong)
shorty she ain’t hesitate to use it
four a.m. where do i began
she’s leaving the club i’ma bag the win
she’s so aggressive like what room are you in
i ain’t answer she said meet her downstairs in ten
so now we totally disrespecting his star
i’m with his b-tch
she in his car she said hop in let’s head to the strip bar
bad -ss friend with her (den she turned around and) and then she kiss ma
and now i’m so confused
she start telling me bout how she’s so abused
how he beats her as how he takes that figure
and in my head i’m thinking about how i don’t blame that n-gg-
we hit the club like everything is wonderful
she’s touching me i’m feeling uncomfortable
and then the d.j. threw on something slow
i’m grinding on her friend now she wanting to go
dude wife start whispering in my ear
i’m starting to see it clear she don’t care
shorty down with whatever
she said let’s go to your room all together (and i’m)
i’m sure the two of us will make it worth your while
now your friend looks great and i really want to f-ck her
but i can’t be your side dude can’t be your lover
called on my old school trick just to duck her
we got to the room told her i ain’t have a rubber
i thought it worked at first (but)
one look disappointed and one looked hurt
but her trifling -ss when and made sh-t worse
she reached down and pulled a few of those from her purse (bioch)
got on her knees started playing with the head
all her dude’s lyrics started playing in my head
her friend jumps in probable feeling left out
i’m filled with guilt cause all i could think bout was
he has her on t.v. with your kids
i got her on the t.v. in her ribs
please god forgive
regret what i did
that ain’t the life style i wanna live
just then i couldn’t help it
ta ha, ta ha, ta ha

i couldn’t help it
mic, ma mic
i couldn’t help it
even though i tried
must have been something going on inside
no lie i couldn’t help it
i couldn’t help it
naw i couldn’t help it
talk to em

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