jodeci – interlude (553 nasty)

por favor espere um momento...

come and talk to me (echoed) can i talk to you (echoed) comeee and talk to me
(echoed) ohhhhho.

talking: kci.

i wanna love, i wanna luv you, i wanna luv u, i wanna luv u, repeated

girl i’m reachin out my hand, tryin to make you undastand you dont have to be
alone, cause i wanna be your man, girl i need u in my life, just wanna live
right by yo side, so gurl i hope ur satisfied, until u give this love a try.

im in need of love and baby ur in need of love so what about us on and on and
on til the break of dawn repeated 2x

can u feel, can u feel me cause i can feel u baby.

verse 2
satisfaction garanteed if u come and get wit me, gurl i can get down on knees,
so let me please do u lady, do u lady cause i know thats what u need, i’m need
a louve, i need ur love girl listen to me.


shoby doo wop shew doo wop iwanna love u i wanna luv u babay.


vamp out
ad libs k-ci and jojo

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