jin – i tried

por favor espere um momento...

i tried

you know i had to say something
do i wait for the beat to drop or do i start here?
check it

forget waitin’, this ain’t a feature, this is my tape
time waits for no man so why the heck should i wait?
i could probably run this town if i’d like but i’m straight
take a walk in my shoes if you choose size 8

you might just feel the presence of the holy spirit
they say i’m a changed man, if the shoe fits wear it
i used to think that this was just all entertainment
so i did and said anything i could get away with
any consequences, i’m the one that’s gotta live with it
the last thing i’m tryna be now is a hypocrite
cause it boils down to way more than what i write
ultimately i’m defined by how i live my life
knew i had to change my ways and believe in what’s right
til this day i still got my own demons to fight
if i had to do it on my own, no doubt i’d be a goner
but i will be victorious cause god is in my corner
the freedom of expression is truly a gift
it can be used to destroy or used to uplift
if i had to list my flaws there’s plenty i could mention
but through it all i never had any bad intentions
never thought the youth would take heed to what i say
first and foremost i apologize for leadin’ you astray
movin’ right along, now’s the time to right the wrongs
so i think long and hard before i start to write a song
cause as an artist for every track that you create
ain’t no way to know the type of impact you can make
on one person or society as a whole
i’m hopin’ through these lines you can see inside my soul
take a long hard look and you’ll start to see the light
it’s an autobiographical story of my life
on the cover just a plain book, here’s the missin’ factor
i’m still the same book, y’all, just on a different chapter
the next generation is headed for disaster
rappers blamin’ parents and the parents blame the rappers
a lack of substance, what you hear is so hollow
i feel you, you ain’t here to be n-body’s role model
i know you’re tryna eat, no lie, so am i
you shouldn’t be offended if what i say just don’t apply
we need more of the truth than the game instead of less
it’s bigger than hiphop, dead prez said it best
you’re probly listenin’ like “who’s this guy to tell me how to live?”
you’re right, i don’t know you but i know i’m positive
if it’s in my power to extend a helpin’ hand
not even as a rapper, but as a fellow man
this is good versus evil, it’s time to choose a side
i will never be perfect but at least i know i tried

uh, say something

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