janez detd – going mental

por favor espere um momento...

going mental
i’m a relatively normal guy
no sociopathic freak
that tries too hard
you know the kind.
what you see inch thick and as slick as polished sh-t is
what i’ve got for you!
blondie sort of like in ‘village of the d-mned’ but with better lingerie
i guess that makes her a milf
yeah, a mom i’d like to …
my best friend ‘s mom
yep sometimes
i fantasise about
her naked female flesh that’s rolling round
my bedroomfloor
all smothered in
peach melba yoghurt
i’ve gone through hypno-therapy
to erase you from my memory
i know i’m not the brightest crayon in the box
but today’s punks, tommorows heroes!
so please help this
cagey flunky!
now, i said now
so, don’t turn it around, cause it’s over now

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