jamie foxx – three letter word

por favor espere um momento...

[spoken jamie:]
yo you sleep
naw i just um, i think i want some more
yea i know we just got through
but its just so good, i just can’t help it tho’
its something about your body
naw it ain’t all i think about
well to be honest, oh

i’m startin’ to believe,
something’s wrong wit me,
cause everyday, every night, every hour, every minute
i’m thinkin’ ’bout it
i can be at my job, in my car, up in church
and when i try to pray it off, it won’t work
it seems that i can’t get enough of

(s-x) all the time
(s-x) on my mind
(s-x) everywhere i go
(s-x) i’m tryna let you know
(s-x) it’s stronger than any drug even love
s-x ohhheee
(s-x) can make you crazy
(s-x) can make a baby
(s-x) all night long
(s-x) it’s the perfect song
(s-x) stronger than any drug even love
s-x oh

its getting to the point where i (where i)
i watch it on tv when i buy dvds
thirty-nine ninety-nine for the new releases (39.99 for the new releases)
i ain’t proud of it, ’cause it’s getting in the way of love for me
and i can’t help it, can’t shake it
(you know what) sometimes i hear it calling me

[chorus 1x]

some call it bad, some call it good
some do it bourgeois, some do it hood
i do it hood (can i say that one more time) girl i do it hood oh

some like it slow, some like it fast
it don’t mater the tempo long as it lasts
i make it last (can i say that one more time) girl i make it last oh

[chorus until end]

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